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Advent Calendar Ideas

You all know how much we love Christmas over here. A few years ago I purchased an advent calendar and wanted to fill the entire 25 days before Christmas with things for the family. Some days its about quality time, others its about giving back. It's all planned out and schedule ahead of time so I don't scramble during December. Here is my 2021 plan for our family and the fun always begins on December 1st.

This is how I plan my month. I pull out my calendar and note all the days that fall on the weekends. Then I see what our daily commitments look like. For example every Monday we have piano, so I wouldn't schedule a time together event that day. I typically schedule simpler ideas for school days and more quality family time activities on the weekends. My girls look forward to the month of December ALL YEAR long! We include things that they may need already like socks, slippers, a book or a puzzle etc.

Lets get the party started and show you what this years plan looks like. Feel free to adjust the schedule however you want. I will add a few other ideas at the end. If you wake up and that plan doesn't work for your day no stress- just select something that does! This is just an example to get your own creative juices flowing. Note that a lot of these ideas don't cost much. Its not about making memories.

Oh and one last comment- this is our advent calendar below. (I'll be mixing the numbers up everywhere this year for a change) Each day is labelled with a number and I write a little note that a goes into each day so my girls find the number that coordinates with the day of the month in the morning, read the note and are set for the day.

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Dec 1- Christmas Jammies. Every. Single. Year. We get a set of matching jam jams and get to enjoy them the entire month before Christmas. We have similar ones to these!

Dec 2 - Brainstorm ideas for Shoe Box Donations/Gather Supplies for donations. Finding ways to give back is important for our advent ideas as well.

Dec 3- Christmas Baking together. Make a traditional treat. Sugar cookies. Cake. Whatever you want!

Dec 4 (Saturday) - Zoo Lights (I plan our tickets ahead of time wherever possible so I don't have to stress later that things are booked/sold out.)

Dec 5 - Meet Santa-There is a free Santa event happening this day and I'll be sharing details on stories this Monday. You can also book in at any mall, or even a video call with Santa too!

Dec 6- Christmas Book. Sometimes I wrap the gifts and other times I don't. That's up to you and your energy levels :)

Dec 7 - Take Christmas baking to friends.

Dec 8- Hot Chocolate Party after school.

Dec 9- Pick up take out after gymnastics.

Dec 10- Family fire/Games night.

Dec 11- Piano Recital/Build gingerbread houses together. Costco houses are the

Dec 12- Movie theatre matinee with the fam. (book tickets ahead of time)

Dec 13-Puzzle to share. This site has a bunch that we love!

Dec 14- Gather up items to donate to the food bank/brown bag lunches for kids.

Dec 15- Outdoor Family Fire Night after school/dinner.

Dec 16- Christmas Book

Dec 17- Build a snowfort/snowmobile/outdoor fun

Dec 18- Host a family for dinner/games/sleepover

Dec 19-Family activity

Dec 20- Open up a gift (onesies) I grabbed three different ones here on sale!

Dec 21- Christmas Movie

Dec 22- Fondue party after school

Dec 23- Celebrate Moms Birthday :)

Dec 24- Family Skate/Christmas Eve Service

Dec 25- Christmas