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Advent Calendar Ideas That Keep Giving

Hi friends!

As promised here are some ideas to include in your Advent Calendar Planning this year. You can look at your schedule and plan different things for weekday vs. weekends of course. The whole point of our advent is to make sure we plan out quality family time, plan out ways to give back to our community as well as have little gifts sprinkled throughout to add a magical touch! I linked a few advent calendars with tiny little drawers. I write out little cards for each day and sometimes hide gifts throughout the house. Here are some ideas for you! Feel free to add/change them but this is where we start in no particular order! The idea is not to spend a ton of money! Use things that you are already doing and include it in the fun!

  1. Matching Christmas Jam jams

  2. Christmas Movie Night

  3. Food bank donations

  4. Christmas Baking Day

  5. Hot Chocolate Party!

  6. Zoo Lights

  7. Slippers

  8. Clothing/Toy Donations

  9. Watch a Christmas Concert (school, piano, dance etc)

  10. Read Christmas Books

  11. See a Christmas Play

  12. Christmas Eve Party

  13. Have a sleep over under the Christmas Tree

  14. Make paper snowflakes

  15. Sing Christmas Carols

  16. Have a family Zoom call

  17. Bake treats for neighbors or friends

  18. Game night with Christmas Music

  19. Hunt for Candy Canes

  20. Christmas pillow cases (I haven't done this yet but thought it would be fun!)

  21. Wrap presents for your sibling day

  22. Secret Santa someone

  23. Sibling Sleepover

  24. Snowball fight

  25. Make Christmas Cookies

  26. Christmas devotional

  27. Tell each other what you love about them

  28. Christmas eve service

  29. Christmas Music Dance Party

  30. Donate new toys in boxes

Obviously these will need to be adjusted to the current COVID-19 guidelines in your communities. But its a great please to start! If you have any other wonderful ideas I would love to hear them and add them in!

Enjoy this season with your families.We truly have so much to be thankful for.



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