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Black Friday VIP with CocoVillage

Friends! This week is a huge week to get organized for all of the crazy Black Friday Sales about to hit the stores. We were so fortunate to snag this brand new Fridge, Freezer, Stove Kitchen set in Terracotta a few weeks ago from Coco Village! Here is their Instagram account for reference. I was blown away with the quality. If I could tell my one child self to invest in a good play kitchen I would have done this a longgggg time ago. My girls are always pretend cooking & playing house so a quality set is highly recommended from a mom of four!

Here is the exact link to our gorgeous Wood Play Kitchen. It comes in Terracotta & Mint! Brynn cooks and runs to the grocery store on and off all day :)

If you want to score these incredible sales head over here and sign up for VIP access. The big sales begin THIS week and you can get your cart all set up ahead of time to ensure a quick checkout when the sales go live! You will NOT want to miss it. I just ordered a bunch of wood accessories to go with it for Christmas gifts as well. Fruits, veggies, pots and pans to popsicles and a tea set.

We also have a few other sweet items from CocoVillage. This strider bike/helmet was a hit this summer for Brynn Brynn. We also have their backpacks/lunch bags and adore the fun, unique patterns! Be sure to sign up here for VIP access and get organized for Christmas.

#CocoVillage & #GetCocozy

All the best,


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