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Meal ideas for your weekly plan

I've had a lot of requests for meal ideas when weekly planning. I wont share the recipes here as this def isn't a cooking blog BUT I will share some meals we rotate through often. This way you can plan meals based on what yo u have at home but this can also guide you into new ideas. I will link anther post with some staples we always have at home that are budget friendly and can be super nutritional when you add fruit/veggies etc!

I went back through my weekly lists and these were the most common meals I planned over the last 6 months:

1.Chili/Corn Bread (I always add diced carrots/maple style beans/tomato soup mix to make my crockpot fullllll to the top. I freeze anything we don't eat and use a few weeks later when we are ready for chilli again.

2. Wraps/Tacos/Quesadillas. These are a once a week staple for sure. I rotate through them but the essentials are the same. Meat (chicken/beef), wraps, lettuce, cheese, avocado, salsa, sour cream (greek yogurt works great in place of sour cream as well) and some peppers/mushrooms for the quesadillas.

3. We have pizza Friday every week here. Sometimes its made on naan bread, sometimes its frozen, sometimes its homemade dough and once a month or so it's Papa Johns!

4. Meatless Monday is a way to save some extra cash too. Make somethings with chick peas, beans, veggies etc. Mushroom Stroganoff, Veggie Spaghetti, Lentil Sheppard's Pie, Black bean stuffed peppers etc!

5. We actually do stuffed peppers quite often. I find when I shop with the Flashfood App there are often veggie boxes with peppers that are nearing their end of life so we typically have peppers readily available to use up! If you aren't familiar with this App yet just send me a DM on Instagram and I will send over my referral link. Gets you $5 of your first order (a box free of veggies/fruits, meat pastries etc.)

6. Spaghetti/Caesar Salad/ Garlic Toast. YUM

7. I always leave one day a week with an unplanned meal. This day is all about being creative with leftovers. It isn't glamorous but it uses up those little bits and bobs of food hanging in your fridge!

8. Butter Chicken

9. Burgers

10. Homemade Soup (chicken noodle, turkey vegetable, hamburger) with fresh buns/garlic toast.

Here are the most common suggestions from YOU! Thanks for answering our Question Box on Instagram!

Taco Salad

Meatball/Veggie Soup

Wraps with beans, chicken, mushrooms, rice, red cabbage

Vegan Shepherds Pie

Roasted Tomato Soup

Crepes, French Toast, Pancakes

Lentil Soup


Pita Wraps with chicken/rice/pasta

BBQ Chicken Pizzas (naan or pita base)

Poblano Soup and Tacos

Lemon Butter Chicken w/ rice & veggies

Grilled Cheese/Soups

Charcuterie Nights - x1000!!!

Buddha Bowls

Chicken Enchiladas with all the toppings (sour cream, cilantro, cheese, chillies!)

There you go! Now there is no excuse to NOT plan your meals for next week. Sit down for one hour this week and plan out meals with food you already have at home, and then build your grocery list with things you need to supplement your meal ideas. The point here is to get creative with whats already been purchased in your home and not plan a meal just because you're walking through an isle at the store and feel like spaghetti :)

Enjoy babes,

Chat soon,

Sarah xo

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